Facilities Management: A Cornerstone At The Design & Building Stage

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Facilities Management: A Cornerstone At The Design & Building Stage

Facilities Management (FM) embraces various areas of the built environment.

Considering Facilities Management at the early design stage can help in effectively reducing maintenance efforts during the operational phase of facilities.

It is simple math: by integrating people, place, processes and technology, Facilities Management ensures real-time functionality of the built-environment.

Let’s consider the following: You’re involved in a commercial fit-out project where access ceiling panels need to be retro-fit into a new finished ceiling to match the perforation pattern for a seamless look. You might notice that the cost of not performing this action will have worse implications.

You’ve partially understood the assignment, let us elaborate further on
this matter!

Oversight of FM requirements can paralyze a project Attention to detail at the foremost helps deliver an efficient facility while reducing maintenance
costs and the need for major repairs & design alterations in the operational phase.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Here’s how to make the most out of it:

Quality & Type of Material: know exactly what better fits for the end purpose of your project (walls, ceilings, desks, thermostats,…) to save a lot of resources, energy & costs.

Space Management: monitor and track physical space in relation to the demand for space. The core of space management is maintaining a space inventory.

Maintenance: the ultimate consideration in the design & build process that helps you in your decision-making, taking into consideration space’s use, equipment selection, location of installation, cost of replacement and others.

Compliance: to ensure that your facility adheres to all statutory and regulatory compliance laws, keep your business sites & facilities safe and secure, and save your business from substantial financial strain.

Project Management: have a straightforward task grid, highlight every milestone on the project’s path until its completion with all associated planned and reactive tasks to make sure that all tasks are completed and determine the exact reasons of the delay.

Financial Control: organize your financial obligations the smartest way possible. Streamline the management of purchase orders to ensure you have total transparency, complete quote management to easily compare offerings and select the supplier that offers the biggest benefit for your business, have flexible sales invoicing solutions mapped to your exact contractual requirements.

Facility management is the golden nugget for the effective management of the supply chain, as it helps in reducing the number of facilities tasks, eliminates complexity and ensures a notable reduction on costly retrofits, material changes and upgrades.

Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it into a fruit salad.

Start acting smart!

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